Email Marketing – Soft Bounce vs Hard Bounce

Email Marketing – Soft Bounce vs Hard Bounce

Soft bounce vs hard bounce is extremely necessary to email deliverability. If you are doing Email marketing you must understand this. Recently, I started Email marketing. After staring at a lot of tools like Mail Chimp, Send Grid, Aweber, OptinMonster, Socket Labs.

Finally, I actually have chosen ‘SendInBlue‘. Do you need to understand why? I will be able to tell you later during this article.

I have created a New Year 2019 wish Campaign to my 829 recipients. Then I came to understand that, there’s a term that we tend to call soft bounce and hard bounce in Email marketing.

Today I’m about to discuss Email Marketing – Soft Bounce vs Hard Bounce in detail. So let’s begin with the fundamentals.

Dive into the subject

1.         What is an Email Bounce?

2.         How to fix bounced or rejected Emails?

3.          Soft Bounce vs hard Bounce in Email marketing

4.       Reducing the quantity of bounces

5.         Best practices to cut back the email bounces –

6.           Why have I chosen SendinBlue Email marketing Platform?

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What is an Email Bounce?

An email bounce signifies that the sent mail isn’t delivered to the recipients. There will be several reasons for that, which I actually have mentioned below. If a soft or a hard bounce happens, then the sender can get a message about the mail deliverability. The message is simply a delivery failure automatic notification.

You might have determined this in Gmail. Have a look at the screenshot given below.

 Address not found in Gmail

How to Fix Bounced or Rejected Emails?

This is simply a brief answer. People such as you and Maine always do mistakes in writing and writing. Supported that I’m giving you these solutions.

These are common mistakes which might be fixing

1.       Quotation Marks

2.          A dot at the end or middle of Address

3.         Inserting comma instead of a dot in recipient Gmail like this

4.           Spaces before and after the address

5.           Spelling Errors

You can check with the recipient to correct the address. But, keep in mind if the above mistakes aren’t done then the address can be a wrong address or an email fake id.

Being a blogger I even have seen bots creating and registration my web site. The name, email, and web site created by a bot are fake. They’re Garbage. To prevent spam comments on your web site you must use the Anti-spam plugin

Let’s see the subject soft bounce vs Hard bounce.

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Email Marketing – Soft Bounce vs Hard Bounce

Soft Bounce and hard Bounce, these are the 2 email bounces that you can get that in your email campaign report. It’s also referred as email block. It can be due to some firewall. Like you can’t send Maine a mail on my Company Email.

Soft Bounce

A soft bounce signifies a valid email id and the message reached the recipient’s mail server. However, it bounced back because:

1.          The mailbox was full (the user is over their limited quota)

2.           The server was down

3.         The message was too large for the recipient’s inbox

4.          The message contains some sensitive info so the server denies it.

The Email marketing Service like Sendinblue and Mailchimp tries again to send that message at a fixed interval like 72 hours. If it’s still not delivered then it’s either blocked or postponed. It’s not added to the suppression list. But it actually depends on email supplier you have chosen.

Hard Bounce

A hard bounce signifies that the message has been permanently rejected by the server either because –

1.          The recipient address is invalid

2.         The recipient addresses don’t exist anymore

These emails will be added to the suppression list. A suppression list is a list of email that is excluded automatically from a campaign recipients list. The supplier won’t even try and send to any extent further campaigns to those emails.

Pro Tip – suppose soft bounces are a short-term issue–you don’t need to delete these addresses permanently from your contact list. However, hard bounces are invalid, fake, or non-existent addresses. So, it should be removed instantly.

So, you got a clear idea of soft bounce vs hard bounce now. Let’s learn how can you reduce your bounces?

Reducing the quantity of bounces

I want to begin this subject with a case which had happened to Maine when I have started Email marketing. I actually have some hacked databases of email. Unknowing without reading the terms and policy I have uploaded 11000 contacts in my list. Within a certain moment, my account is blocked and that i have asked to contact the support team.

It was due to spam activity. Any email marketing services will ask you “How you have grown your list?”, “How you have collected your subscriber email?” and many such queries.

So, basically, the concept is to keep up hygiene and to achieve subscriber by legitimate strategies proposed.

Best practices to reduce the e-mail bounces –

1. Maintaining an opener’s list – Whenever you send a campaign, you can see the no of openers. These are the people who have opened your sent mail. On each successful campaign, you can produce a separate list of such openers. If a recipient isn’t responding from a long time you can purge those members from the list permanently.

2. Watching your email delivery – you’ll be able to Monitor your contacts activity after sending a campaign. However they behave in clicking a link, responding back to you, opening a mail? This will assist you to spot your loyal subscribers.

 Campaign report in Mailchimp

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3. Using Double Opt-in Feature – sending a confirmation email when users subscribe to your list. This way you can make sure that the user’s email isn’t only valid but that they, in fact, need to receive your email messages. So-called, real subscribers.

 Double Opt-in Confirmation

4. Deleting the suppressed emails – remove all the emails inflicting hard bounces immediately. This will assist you to keep up a healthy list of subscribers.

You know gaining a high deliverable rate is a challenge for you and Maine as well. But, it’s not possible if you know the right rope to the touch.

Why have I chosen SendinBlue Email marketing Platform?

The reason for joining sendinblue is extremely easy. Sendinblue is providing a decent range of email marketing services at a pocket-friendly value. It’s a decent alternative to Mailchimp. You can simply send 300 Email per day free for lifetime.

And the feature i like the foremost is “no subscriber restriction” you can upload your all contacts. But confirm to achieve them if you’ve got a large contact list. Otherwise, your accounts are going to be suspended.

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